Fort Wayne Habitat accepts limited used building materials
Use of used materials in our new construction is very limited and presents storage and transportation problems. However, we have benefited through the years from useable donations. Habitat accepts donations of new building supplies and materials.

Fort Wayne Habitat accepts donated real estate
We welcome suitable donated lots for future construction. Habitat seeks to build in stable neighborhoods appropriate to our typical single-floor construction. Habitat will also consider donated houses for rehabilitation, provided the location meets our criteria and the house is structurally sound.

Estate Planning
Would you consider Habitat for Humanity during estate planning? If we can be of assistance during this process, please contact us.

Donate Money to Habitat On-line
Money can be donated to the Fort Wayne Habitat for Humanity affiliate on-line via credit card. Select the link to access the Habitat for Humanity International website. Don't forget to specify the Fort Wayne, Indiana affiliate as the destination for your donations in the box under "Good Stewardship of Funds". Thank you very much!

Online Donations via Habitat for Humanity International


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