What will YOU build?

or call Kory Stucky at 422-4828 to volunteer.


Working on the building site is possible for small to medium sized groups much of the time. Larger groups can sponsor a house to get onto a work site.

Family Advocacy

Family Advocates see the human side of what Habitat does by aiding our partner families in their efforts toward receiving a new home. Training is provided, and volunteer hours are flexible.

Can Drive

Did you know 5 million aluminum cans will build a home? Route runners are needed to drive the van and collect cans from area drop sites. Monday through Friday routes are available, and volunteers commit four hours a week. 


The ReStore staff are always in need of volunteers to help unload donations and work with customers.

Donation Pick-Up

Volunteers are needed to drive and help load and unload the ReStore donation pick-up truck.

Family Selection Committee

The Family Selection committee conducts the selection process for families wanting to partner with Habitat for Humanity.

Family Support Committee

The Family Support Committee plans homeowner events and works with partner families one-on-one toward the goal of receiving a home.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee plans and executes events and fundraisers and provides additional resources to the Development Director.

Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee reaches out to the community and organizations to help promote Habitat for Humanity.