Family Advocate

Family Advocate Job Description/Guidelines

A major aspect of the duty of an Advocate is to relay correct and current information, give support and nurture the Partner Family. Nurturing means being a friend and trusted partner to whom one can turn for guidance in becoming self-sufficient and independent.
The purpose of the Advocate is to act as a liaison between Habitat’s leadership and the Partner Family. They provide guidance for families fulfilling responsibilities to Habitat and aid the family in mastering the skills of home ownership. 

Provide Information

  • Be aware of Habitat history and purpose
  • Be aware of local procedures, such as selection process and “Sweat Equity”
  • Attend classes with partner families when possible

Contact the Partner Family

  • First meeting during ”Partner Family Orientation”
  • Let Partner Family know Advocate’s role
  • Discuss with Partner Family how to be helpful and identify areas they need most help

Continue to Advocate

  • Meet with Partner Family depending on needs – Habitat recommends contact on weekly or bi-weekly basis with a minimum of once a month.
  • Contact by telephone, personal visit, letter or postcard, e-mail, scheduled meetings, dedications or any activities appropriate
  • Continue follow-up 3 to 6 months after Partner Family moves into new home

Other Suggestions

  • Help Partner Family determine schedule for completing Sweat Equity
  • Assist Partner Family with addressing outstanding debts
  • Assist in selecting items for new home like flooring, siding, color selections, lighting, etc.
  • Remind Partner Family to change address information for voter registration, utilities, driver’s license, friends, etc.
  • Attend Dedication Ceremony of new home
  • Remind Partner Family of home maintenance responsibilities
  • Encourage Partner Family to stay involved with Habitat activities