How to Become a Partner Family

Q: What is a "Partner Family"?

A: A Partner Family is a family that has gone through Habitat's family selection process and has been approved by the Habitat Board.

Q: What service does Habitat for Humanity provide?

A: Habitat for Humanity provides a way for low-income families to own their own home through a no profit, no interest mortgage. Mortgage payments are approximately $325 a month. (This is for a 3 bedroom home) To see our basic floor plan for a 3 bedroom house, click here.

Q: How does Habitat for Humanity choose Partner Families?

A: There are three things Habitat looks for when considering Partner Families: need, ability to pay the mortgage, and willingness to partner with Habitat for Humanity. In practical terms, this means things like:

Q: What do I do now?

A: Call us at (260) 420 - 9919 to make an appointment to attend an enrollment meeting. Expect to be asked a small number of pre-qualification questions during the call. The enrollment meeting will explain the process of becoming a Partner Family and start you down the road to home ownership!