How You can Sponsor a House

Sponsoring a home gives your organization a chance to make a dramatic impact in someone’s life. Home ownership allows a family to switch from a situation where housing is a continual drain on financial resources to a situation where a family starts being able to compile wealth.

Businesses find that building a home encourages teamwork and friendship. Many businesses have found that sponsoring a home is an excellent alternative to an employee retreat. People learn to think and work outside the box under unique circumstances.

Churches discover the power of putting faith into action as the congregation comes together to accomplish the extraordinary. Sponsoring a home is a meaningful way to introduce the Fort Wayne community to your church.

Sponsoring a home costs $50,000, which can be in cash or in-kind. Many sponsors raise money by holding events like golf tournaments, dinners or garage sales. Donate building materials, tools or contracted labor. Use your contacts to pursue grants or gifts within your organization or area of expertise. Team with others. The options are endless!

Home construction takes approximately 8 days, which can be consecutive or spread out over several weeks.

Habitat homeowners receive a no-interest, no-profit mortgage. Payments on that mortgage help to pay for additional houses for years to come. This means that sponsoring a Habitat house is a gift that keeps on giving — it creates a positive cycle of city renewal that can continue indefinitely.

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