Recognition of Organizational Contributions
In December 2000, Associated Churches of Fort Wayne and Allen County and Plymouth United Church of Christ were recognized for their long term contributions to the Habitat Ministry. The Associated Churches and Plymouth Church were presented with plaques, “in appreciation for years of support of our ministry - Fort Wayne Habitat for Humanity, December 2000”.

Recognition of Individual Contributions
Dick Florea recently received the Appleseed Award from U.S. Rep. Mark Souder for his dedication to the community through his involvement in Habitat for Humanity, Allen County Historical Society, Embassy Foundation and other organizations. He recently retired from WKJG-TV after a 35-year career but plans to remain active in his community support activities.

In December 2000, Wilma Anderson and Mary Mecker were presented with a Habitat angel. Mrs. Anderson has been a long time behind the scene volunteer and she has supported the efforts of Vice President Charlie Anderson from the founding of FW Habitat. Mary Mecker has served several years as Family Selection Committee Chairperson. Mary continues to serve as Secretary of the FWHH Board.

Volunteers Needed - Call 260-420-9919

The heart of the Habitat experience is volunteering to help provide simple, decent housing for those in need. Habitat FW takes great pride in working with, training, and recognizing volunteers who are the heart of the mission.

Volunteers are needed for all phases of Habitat work. Volunteers are needed in the office, in selecting and assisting the partner families, at the warehouse, and at home building sites.

Fort Wayne Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Profile Form (84k jpg image)

Habitat Office Volunteers
Volunteers are needed to assist in answering phone inquiries, filing, typing and taking inventory of materials. Training is provided.

Working with Habitat Partner Families
Volunteers are needed to assist in the planning and execution of educational meetings designed to help Partner Families be successful in their homes. Training is provided.

Family Selection Committee
The family selection committee meets each third Thursday monthly to process applications of potential Habitat homeowners. Training is provided.

Habitat Speakers
Help explain the story and mission of Habitat for Humanity. Training is provided.

Construction Committee
There is a continuing need for those with experience in construction and a willingness to teach others. A wide range of opportunities and locations are available for volunteering. Saturdays are the principle work days with mid-week work schedules based on availability of the volunteers. Many churches and organizations get involved with construction on Saturdays. Work crews usually number 8 to 10 people.

Construction Volunteers (Job Site)
Construction volunteers are the heart of Habitat for Humanity. Individuals who want to work on the construction site should contact the Fort Wayne Habitat office for information as to where workers are needed on specific dates.

Construction volunteers should dress appropriately for the job site and do not need to bring any tools. You may wish to bring a few basic tools of your own such as a hammer, pencil and tape measure.

Construction volunteers must be at least 16 years of age to be on the building site and at least 18 years of age to operate power tools.

All construction volunteers will be asked to sign the following release form the first time they work on a Habitat job site.

Fort Wayne Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Release Form (55k gif image)

Fundraising, Special Events and Publicity
Volunteers are needed to assist in creating, developing and following up fundraising activities, special events and general publicity.

Coordinator(s) for Re-Sale Store
Volunteers are needed to plan, coordinate, staff and manage a re-sale store selling donated construction material to the general public at the Fort Wayne habitat for Humanity office/warehouse located at 629 East Washington Blvd. in Fort Wayne.


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